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RoboShot  v.0.3

Powershell script that uses Robocopy and Hardlinks for creating backup snapshots on local partitions (NTFS) or remote shares (NTFS, Samba) just like the famous

DVD Rip-O-Matic  v.0.95

A wizard-style GUI frontend to MEncoder, for creating backup copies of DVD disks to XviD format. The wizard is designed to be very easy to use, no technical knowledge required. The optimal settings are autodetected and should produce high quality output.

Exiland Backup Free  v.4.9

Exiland Backup Free is a free, simple and flexible file backup and folders sync software. It lets you easily copy your important files to various locations: local or network drives, FTP,SSH servers, removable media (such as USB HDD or flash drives).

FindYourFiles Basic  v.3.3.2

FindYourFiles offers easy way to archive documents at work and at home. Order and better workplace organization. The documents are gathered in digital folders and binders that correspond to the ones in a traditional archive. Quick access to necessary

Free ISO Grabber  v.8.0.3

It grabs an exact image of a CD/DVD and it supports CD/DVD discs of almost all formats. The program operates in wizard mode (You may use this Free ISO Grabber to grab a CD/DVD image and use Free ISO Burn Wizard to burn this ISO file).

PCBooster Free Keylogger  v.7.3.5

PCBooster Free Keylogger provides you the ability to secretly capture all keystrokes to keep your employees, kids & spouse in check. Just launch it in the computer you have access to and it will, in real-time, record all keyboard activities.

The Best One-click BackUp for WinRAR  v.2.2020

One-click BackUp (OCB) is a powerful but easy-to-use file backup manager for WinRAR. RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP compression, providing better file safety and secrecy. OCB is capable of creating RAR and ZIP

Backup and Run  v.

The purpose of this tool is to ensure creating data backups for users, where their applications can not.

BitRope Burner: The BackUp Solution that Stays In Front  v.1. 4. 2000

BitRope Burner is an application addressed to those looking for an accessible CD/DVD burning solution that has much to offer but keeps simplicity as a priority. It's an easy-to-work-with backup software that allows you to create/read ISO files in a

Hanso Burner: BackUp Solutions for Everyone  v.1. 9. 2000

Hanso Burner belongs to the first-class of CD/DVD burning software that work with Windows. The program is a most comprehensive solution for doing backups and creating/reading ISO files. Hanso Burner is all about simplicity and convenience - no

Meta Backup  v.1.0

Meta Backup is a simple wizard that lets you make a DEB meta-package off all installed applications and repositories/PPA's on all your Debian/Ubuntu/Derivatives system. Creating a backup takes only 20 seconds. ("View all files" for cli,gtk,kde

Backup@home  v.1.0

For those at home who want to backup there precious data files but don't know nothing about backup. A white paper (Seperate download) explains creating backups and the script use. The script is readable, creates extensive logging and with restore ...

PDM - PHP Dump Maker - Smart Backup Tool  v.4.1

Smart PHP backup tool. Reads given SRC+subdirs, creates set of directories filled (or linked) with the content of SRC, made to fit given capacity. Features: multivol. backups, ISO creation, on-the fly CD/DVD burn, file splitting, index creating and more.

Nomb-backup  v.1.0

nomb-backup is an administrative backup utility that creates a backup of the designated path as well as creating md5 hashes for each file. Then when ran again, only re-backups the files that have changed and updates the directory structure.

Quick Backup  v.2.21

Windows backup utility with full Windows Explorer integration

Easy Backup  v.7.3.001

Easy Backup makes DOS compressed self restoring backup disks. It backs up the named directory together with any sub directories which it may have. Backup parameters are stored in a data file so that subsequent backups can be menu - selected.

Snap Backup  v.1.0

Backup utility for individual computer users who need a simple and convenient way to backup their valuable files.

Easy File Backup  v.1.0.2

Easy File Backup is an easy to use file and folder backup utility. This simple freeware file backup software program will allow you to back up your data at a specified interval, and/or on a routinely basis.


Make perfect-quality backup copies of all your DVD movies to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW USING YOUR OWN DVD BURNER. Program supports copy-protected DVDs, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W), DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, NTSC, and PAL. Real DVD clone 1:1

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